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Welcome to U.B.Auctions fee structure.

For sellers we have three plans to choose from. Of course there are great discounts to be had using a plan. The thing to do is pick a plan that will suit your needs the best.

#N.B. Because some breeders have requested the commission structure, we have put in place Plan C – Commission based plan, see below for further details. #

When you sell your own items you still nominate how you would like to be paid, as in: cash, bank or postal transfers etc.

The fees payable to UB Auctions are paid for via PayPal or a Bank transfer. Please contact us for our banking details. 




4 Photo uploads are free.

Any thereafter are $2.00 each, (optional ).

Gallery listing is free

Home page listing is free


Plan C – Commission. 12 month plan for $5.00 annually – 4% commission.

This is a commission-based plan.

Pay just $5.00 per year and be charged 4% on the final price of a sold item.

This plan includes: Unlimited free listings & 4 free photos and the full use of the site and listing options. 

So, you can list an item for free after picking and paying the $5.00 C- plan and be charged 4% commission after the sale. No sales – then no further payment.

Low cost, payable via PayPal.



Plan D – Deluxe "No more to pay" 12 month membership.

Pay just $99.00 recurring every 12mths and enjoy the feeling of no more to pay to use the site for the full 12 months without further cost.

No commission charges.

For the more serious breeder that has birds for sale year round.

Compare these costs with going to a bird sale cost & the sales on one day compared to having a sale platform for twelve months!

Fees are low and are collected up front via a PayPal payment system.


Plan E – E-commerce store plan.

For businesses to sell their products online in their own storefront.

Cost per month initial $30.00

Recurring per month $ 25.00

1000 Items per month.

No commission charge.

Set up own merchant account and gateway.

Fees are low and can be collected up front via a PayPal payment system.



Classified ads fees.

Place an advertisement on the site in the classified section.


$15.00 for 365days.


If and when you are ready for a plan, you can do so by clicking on the "My account" button and choose "Account details" in the left hand bottom corner of next page, click on this and on the next page choose the heading "Change Account Info" on the right hand side and click on "Change". On the page that has uploaded you will find the plan structures, plus a drop down button with the plan you can choose from. Here you select a plan and scroll down to bottom of page and click "Save". The fee will be charged to your account, which in turn you will be sent an invoice for.

You will need a valid credit card to sign up as a user/seller on this site, and fees will be collected via a PayPal credit system. All that means is, you need a unique e-mail address and a credit card.

Regards from

U.B. Auctions management.

ABN.26 297 221 466





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